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Business accounting, business planning, tax management and bookkeeping services. Access premium, in-house, active CFO services so that you can operate more efficiently and grow your business. Personalised and tailored services for your needs. Ongoing advice when needed – not just when you ask for it!

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CFO services by Australia’s largest eCommerce Hub

Because we were founded in an eCommerce Hub, we know what it’s like to work with people from small businesseses all the way up to enterprise level businesses. We know the daily struggles you have in this industry, but we’re also familiar with your opportunities for growth. With our team of financial professionals, we want to ensure your accounting efforts are appropriately organised.

Our onsite team will be like an extension of your own team. The integrated service means we win when you win.

  • Available for clients at all Workit Spaces locations
  • Direct, in-person contact where you work
  • Professional staff with a wealth of experience, having worked in big corporates to start ups 
  • Hungry for results and continuous improvement

Fair pricing packages

Equiped to take on financial services such as business planning, strategic advice, bookkeeping services, accounting and tax management. Our CFO has over 15 years of experience working on large Australian and international corporates. Packages exclude your software cost.

A personalised strategy built with financial experts

Access a highly qualified strategy and commercial team that will truly care, speak your language and give you the best advice to help grow your business. Receive monthly up to date dashboards with you business KPI’s and commentary.

We worked extremely hard to make sure we digitise our process in any way we can to make your life and our life as easy as possible. We automated monthly reporting, payments, signing statements and a lot more. If you value this then we are certainly happy to assist you.

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Fixed monthly fees

Our accounting services are solely dedicated to helping small to medium businesses with all their requirements. Deal directly with accountants instead of sales people. Get access to best in class commercial and strategy team without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing is tailored to the stage your business is at.

Strategy, bookkeeping, accounting and tax

Receive strategic and business planning advice from our best in class team. We will actively review your business performance and provide insight into cost savings and revenue growth opportunity. We’ll take care of bookkeeping, business accounting, and tax management. Let us handle all the complicated numbers and reporting including; BAS, PAYG and FBT.

Coworking Accounting

Frequently asked questions

Who should subscribe to CFO by Workit?

  1. Current Workit Spaces members located at one of Workit Spaces facilities and looking for active CFO services, accounting and bookkeeping services.
  2. Workit Spaces virtual office members searching for virtual CFO services or accounting and bookkeeping services.
  3. Any eCommerce or online business who is looking for virtual CFO, CFO services, accounting and bookkeeping services in Sydney or Australia.

What type of services do you provide? 

CFO by Workit provides accounting, bookkeeping, strategic advice and business planning to a wide variety of clients form many different industries including eCommerce and online businesses.

How do i get started? 

Simply choose the CFO by Workit package suitable for your business and send us an online enquiry. We will be with you in every step of the way so if you run into any trouble, just message us or give us a call and we will be with you as fast as humanly possible!

Are there any hidden fees? 

Nope. You will receive exactly what you pay for with no additional fees or cost.

How long does it take to set up the accounting and bookkeeping services?

Generally 1 – 5 business days – once we receive all the documents we asked for and a signed service agreement.

Can I meet with my CFO IN PERSON? 

Yes. You can meet with your CFO either in person or over Google Hangouts during your monthly reporting sessions. Also, you can call, message or email your CFO at anytime if you have any questions related to your business affairs.


What documents do you require?

All documents will be uploaded using our online account setup process. We require Director ID, a signed service agreement and your company details.

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