Unpacking the Federal Budget and Small Business Tax Benefits in FY 22

Join us for a live webinar with Accounting experts, Ash and Nav from NetSurplus Chartered Accountants. They will show us how to Unpack the Federal Budget and take advantage of Small Business Tax Benefits in FY 22.

In this presentation, Ash and Nav will cover:

✔️ How the Federal Budget can benefit small businesses 

✔️ New tax rates and tax relief (including changes to asset write off thresholds)

✔️ How to structure your business to save money

✔️ And more

Meet the experts


Nav Lal

With over 15 years of experience, Nav is a partner at a top 100 accounting practice in Australia. He assists high net worth individuals and small businesses in their wealth creation journey. Nav has a knack for seeing through the complexity and helping businesses deal with certainty and accuracy issues. Nav has been forefront in using cloud-based technology to ensure real-time information is available in decision making, marrying this with practical and realistic advice. He also sits on the Board of Directors for several large private businesses.

Ash Rad

Ash has 18 years of combined experience in the large financial and infrastructure multi-national corporations, and Australian SMEs. As well as working directly with clients to build up their accounting systems and financial reporting functions, he offers expert advice on business planning, reporting, and compliance. His knowledge and experience in business advisory and tax advisory enables businesses to make confident, successful decisions.