We care about our environment and the impact people and industry have on it.

Our Mission is to enable sustainable businesses to thrive by creating innovative ecosystems and we take our responsibility to the planet seriously.

    Our part in caring for our planet

    To create sustainable, environmentally low impact solutions and services, we follow the four Rs of environmental sustainability – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore – across all our operations from our eCommerce Hubs and hospitality services, our robotics fulfilment centres and supply chain. 

    We’ve set an ambitious goal of operating carbon neutral by 2023.


    Workit Spaces commits to carbon neutral by 2023 with large scale solar


    We have set the ambitious target of operating carbon neutral by 2023. We will achieve our goal by switching to renewable energy sources, use high quality carbon offset schemes and reduce our use of products and services that are carbon emissions dense.

    Our hubs also feature energy saving sensor lighting and water wise taps, while our hospitality services reduce single use plastics. 


    picture of plastic bag in the ocean - motivation to reduce single use plastics


    Each of our Hubs is built within existing building structures and our interior fitouts seek to use environmentally friendly materials throughout. 

    Our Bourke Rd hub carpet tiles by EcoSoft recycled 35,000 bottles recovered from our oceans. 

    All pallets received at Workit are recycled or reused via a pallet-sharing scheme.

    recycling at workit spaces - green grass background with a recycling symbol cutout


    By recycling materials, we don’t use as many resources or and contribute to greenhouse gases to make new materials. 

    We use recycled materials throughout our physical spaces, from the carpet to our chairs and dining tables and recyclable materials in our supply chain.

    • Our acoustic carpet tiles by EcoSoft contain the equivalent of 50 recycled standard 550ml PET bottles per square metre. 
    • We recycle paper, cardboard, batteries, printer cartridges and shipping pallets using local recycling services and lobby for increased Australian recycling facilities so we can recycle more with less of a carbon footprint. 
    • We are the first Australian business to install Earthkynd’s Oklin compost food waste and commercial compostable materials at our Bourke Rd Hub – turning food waste into soil enriching compost in 24 hours. 
    • Our dining tables are made of shipping container doors from our shipping container bar and cafe.  
    • Our SKUtopia fulfilment centre uses recyclable cardboard in packaging.

    recycling at workit spaces


    It’s important to restore our earth through initiatives that offset our impact. We focus on the scientific standards of carbon emissions and offsets to guide and measure our climate action. 

    To operate carbon neutral by 2023, we will use a combination of solar power generation and carbon offset strategies to achieve our goals. 

    We compost food waste and provide this to our Members to take home and at each of our hubs we plant trees and shrubs. From 2021, we will host an annual tree planting event for our Members.

    Earth Day 2021 at Workit Spaces

    We’re proudly participating in Earth Day from 20-22 April with a series of events and initiatives that focus on how to take climate action and showcasing the sustainable businesses of our Members. 

    Happy Human Founder Vinnie is making climate action her business

    Spotlight on Sustainable Businesses at Workit

    Learn how these Workit Members are putting the four Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore – into practice and building environmentally sustainable businesses.

    Workit Spaces announces Sustainability strategy and carbon neutral targets

    Workit Spaces announces Carbon Neutral targets

    Determined to operate sustainably across its network of Hubs, SaaS and fulfilment centres, Workit Spaces announced its Sustainability strategy and carbon neutral targets. 

    Earth Day 2021 Connect with your sustainability goals with Candlelit yoga at Workit Spaces

    Candlelit Yoga – April 22

    We’re inviting Members and Guests to connect with your own sustainability values and give yourself time to reaffirm your intentions with a 45 minute Candlelit Yoga. Delivered in collaboration with Lululemon. 

    Is Workit Spaces Right for You?

    Dedicated Desks

    If you’re an individual, freelancer or sole trader, coworking  solutions like a dedicated desk offers an affordable, flexible start.

    Showrooms & Storage

    Purpose built showroom and storage facilities for eCommerce businesses provide the flexibility to design your own space. 

    Serviced Offices

    No matter your industry our serviced offices, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and Zoom booths make flexible work easy.

    Virtual Office

    Gain a premium Sydney address and mail service with our monthly Virtual Office memberships.

    More than just an office space

    Whether you’re a professional services or ecommerce business, when you join Workit Spaces, you get access to our unique facilities designed to help you grow.

    bourke rd meeting room

    Meeting Rooms

    Book a room to catch up with your team or to present to a client. Meeting room for 7 to 50 people. Members get free access.


    Photography Studios

    Our photography studios come with a large cyclorama and a product cyclorama. Members get free access to the space.

    bourke rd in and out

    Goods In and Out Stations

    Couriers pick up your packages at our onsite, hands-free shipping station daily. Plus, save up to 30% on shipping with us.

    Breakout Area

    Kitchen and Breakout Area

    Our kitchens and breakout areas come with everything you need to make a gourmet meal and to relax during the work day.

    Reception Support

    Reception Support

    Our reception is available 9 to 5 on weekdays. Get the help you need, and have a friendly face there to greet your clients.

    Onsite parking and access from train stations
    Loading docks and easy-to-use walkie stackers
    Printing facilities and scanning facilities onsite
    Go to regular networking and social events
    Dedicated fibre line for high speed WiFi
    Strict health measures and daily cleaning

    Agency by Workit

    In-house digital marketing agency specialising in Facebook and Google Ads.

    SKUtopia by Workit

    4PL services including eCommerce order fulfillment and integrated software.

    CFO by Workit

    Accounting and tax, business planning, and bookkeeping services in-house.

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